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I am a freelance journalist who started her career as an editor, first at Men’s Health Best Life and then at the New York Post’s Page Six Magazine. Since becoming freelance two-and-a-half years ago, I’ve been published in over 50 magazines and websites, focusing primarily on men’s and women’s health and relationship issues, parenting topics and pop culture. My career/work blog, On The Job, currently appears on CBS Moneywatch three times each week.

Recently, I won a National Health Information award for my Redbook story, What’s Your Job Doing To Your Body? I’ve enjoyed writing about working motherhood, speaking to the moms of the Winter Olympic Games for my Pregnancy article, Gold Medal Moms, and mothers who paved their own maternity leave paths in Family Matters, for Kiwi. I’ve also looked at how celebrities influence perceptions of fertility for Conceive in Hollywood Pregnancies: The Real Story. On a lighter note, interviewing Mario Batali on his golf game for my Dishing It Out piece in MetGolfer and chatting with local farmers (and testing their recipes) for my  Boston Globe Sunday Magazine cover story, Farm-Fresh Simple Summer Eats, were tasty assignments.

In addition to my magazine and online writing, I’ve done freelance editing work for Country Living magazine, social media consulting for the George Martin Group and corporate writing for LaForce & Stevens and Monster. Please contact me to discuss your own editorial needs.

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